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Golden Glass the first company granted the double-glazed photovoltaic module certificate by TUV authority in China

    Guangdong Golden Glass technologies limited, the only photovoltaic company in China received the double-glazed photovoltaic module certificate issued by TUV Rheinland authority presently, all of its product performance met the IEC standard and EN standard completely, which indicates the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) product technology in China has caught up, and level with the rest of the world.

    As the first company successfully developed double-glazed BIPV module, Guangdong Golden Glass enjoys the intellectual property right on using PVB inter-layer as encapsulant according to national building code. For better performance, polyvinyl ebutyral abbreviated(PVB)is used as inter-layer on the BIPV module and it could be safely installed as roof, curtain wall and shading for any buildings. It also outrange the poor performance of Ethylene vinyl acetate abbreviated(EVA)as inter-layer.

    The double-glazed PV module has become the innovative product in China. It uses low-iron super tough fire resistant glass as substrate, which has been awarded an outstanding patent on provincial level. The product is a new multifunctional building integrated material, which could provide more functions compare to standard curtain wall, such functions as generate electricity, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance and safety. The product can be applied as part of building and our products are more cost effective when compare to building added-on photovoltaic (BAPV).

    Photovoltaic module is a special laminated glass embedding solar cell. As a modern building material, it meets the safety requirement of architectural glass. PVB and EVA are commonly used in photovoltaic module. However, the adhesive strength of PVB lamination outruns EVA when under high temperature and high pressure environment, and PVB has a better UV-resistant performance. The strike resistant and rupture resistant performances of PVB meet the safety requirements for using as curtain wall and roof.

    There are only few other companies making double-glazed photovoltaic modules in china, and all of them are using EVA as inter-layer. Therefore, their products do not meet the safety requirements of national building code. In contrast, Guangdong Golden Glass is the only company whom produce photovoltaic modules by using PVB inter-layers.

   The Chinese ministry of finance and ministry of housing and rural-urban development issued Interim Provisions for the Administration of Financial Subsidy for Photovoltaic Building in February, 2009. The implementation of this provision and the successful development of double-glazed BIPV module for architectural use, will accelerate the BIPV technologies, progress of power-grid, as well as increase people’s enthusiasm in using renewable energy sources.

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