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 Five Reasons for Choosing Golden Glass Fire Resistant & Blast Resistant Steel Profile
  & System for Curtain Wall
1、Aesthetic Architectural Effect
  The intensity and elasticity modulus of steel are at least one or two times higher than aluminum alloy. That makes a small section of steel profile can support a large facade division, resulting in better light transmittance. With the aluminum decorative cover, steel profile achieves the elegant outlook as the aluminum profile.
2、Particularity & Flexibility
  Melting point of the aluminum alloy is approximately 650℃, while steel is approximately 1500℃. The thermal conductivity of the steel is 1/3 of aluminum alloy. Therefore, steel is the ideal fire resistant curtain wall structure. Steel-aluminum profile curtain wall can use in curtain wall, door & window or roof which requires the functions of fire resistant, blast resistant or bullet resistant. It can also match with different composed glass panels.
3、Easy to Install
  The same curtain wall (aluminum) Installation method is used for steel profile. There is no on-site painting
or welding needed.
4、Multiplicity & Interchangeability
  These are serial products, but the parts are interchangeable. That makes the installation easier than ever.
5、Similar linear expansion coefficient, synchronized deformation.
  Steel profile’s linear expansion coefficient is similar to concrete structure. The relative deformation of
steel profile against main body is almost synchronized, this is another advantage of steel profile over the a
luminum curtain wall.
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