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 PDF(Super Toughened Anti-slippery Glass)
    Glass Flooring comes in a range of attractive graphic designs for various fashionable elegance. With anti-slippery feature, it helps to reassure those who are not confident in walking on transparent glass flooring or stairs.
   Safety、Graceful appearance、Easy to clean and maintain、Anti-slippery、Transparent、Feeling of more space
   Natural light is increasingly used to create a feeling of space and light in modern building projects. Walkable structures, such as glass flooring and stairs, create a feeling of weightlessness and elegance. It is applied in small functional room for more space, such as foyer.
   Glass Flooring is an innovative flooring safety material. It is manufactured by using a combination consisting of a multi-layer laminated with the upper layer made of toughened glass and a special anti-slippery coating on surface.
   Glass Floorlng has an anti-slippery surface conforming to AS/NZS366 standard, therefore to insure it is safe to walk on. The anti-slippery coating is customized to various patterns, such as lines, dots etc.
 USE Of Nature light
   Glass Flooring and glass stairs enhance the use of natural light, allowing natural light to travel all over the floor or stairs for feeling of more space.
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