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    Enamelled glass is made by screen-printing a layer of ceramic material on annealed glass before tempering or heat strengthening. After tempering or heat strengthening, layer of ceramic frit is heat bonded to glass surface, making it resistant to chipping and peeling.
   Decorative aesthetics
   High strength and safety
   Thermal impact resistance
   Customized colors and patterns
   Good chemical stability for acid and alkali resistance
   Can be further processed to laminated and insulated units.
   Curtain Wall, Canopy, Windows & Doors, Partitions.
 Product Type
It can be processed not only to enamelled tempered coated glass for excellent decorative aesthetics.
It can be made processed to laminated and insulated unit for more additional performance.
Its pattern and color can be customized.
   Max: 6000x2500mm
   Thickness: 5-25mm
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